5 Shocking Facts About The “Cash Me Outside” Girl

As many know by now Danielle Bregoli has become on of the biggest online viral celebrities to ever walk the face of the earth! Who knew Being ignorant and childish could be your rise to fame? For those who do not know Danielle she simply became famous after her appearance on Dr.Phil went viral. It was on that show where her famous phrase “cash me outside” was heard. Since then she has gained 8.3 million followers on Instagram in still seems to be relevant in todays generation.

Now that she’s an internet sensation, everyone’s dying to know a little bit more about this fiery girl. Read on to find out 7 facts about her.

5. She Made A Big Impression On Producers


During her meeting before her appearance on Dr. Phil, Danielle stole the keys of one of the show’s producer’s car and took it out for a spin. Turns out her bad behavior follows her on and off the screen.

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