“Cash Me In Court”? Danielles’ lawsuit against WAL-MART.

Danielle Bregoli is steps away from involving herself in one of histories first legal battle for the “meme”.
According to reports Danielle was notified about Walmarts newest items for sale by one of her advisors and was not too happy about what she saw. Danielle’s legal advisors have counseled her to go after Walmart for allegedly making thousands of dollars off of her famous phrase ” cash me outside”.

Shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and even tees were being sold in the store with her catch phrase plastered all over the front without giving her credit or royalties.

Daniels legal team consist of several lawyers who have already sent out a letter to Walmart demanding the items to be taken down until they reach an agreement. Her lawyers have been instructed by Danielle to find out how much money Walmart has made off of the items to potentially receive a cut from the earnings.

Danielle and her team are extremely serious about protecting her slogan at whatever cost. So serious that they have gave Walmart only 5 days to remove all of the 15 items being sold with her slogan. Walmart representatives have not yet spoken on the matter but will be looking into Danielle’s allegations.

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