U.S. Drops 21,000 Pound Bomb In Afghanistan! Breaking News!

U.S. forces have just dropped one of largest non-nuclear bombs in Afghanistan. According to reports the strike was conducted strategically targeting ISIS groups in the area. This has been one of the biggest non-nuclear attacks on another country to date!

Us military officials have reported that this strike was significant because of the large contingent of isis fighters and leaders who were there at the time of the attack. The 21,000 lb bomb was dropped hours ago in Eastern Afghanistan, in the Nangarhar province which is know for their large ISIS presence.

The U.S. has had several problems with that particular group. Just recently a U.S. Special Ops Forces Soldier was killed there as part of this ISIS Fight.

The pentagon has confirmed that they hit their target however a battle damage assessment has not yet been released. We do not know how many civilian casualties or how many potential ISIS fighters may have been killed because of the attack. This is not the beginning or the end of the United States fight against ISIS.

Reports are rushing in at this very second, stay updated.

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