Doctor Dragged Off Of Plane Ready to Sue!!

The United Airlines passenger who was recorded being dragged off an overbooked flight as he bled and yelled in agony, has spoken out. According to sources he has prepared himself with some of the best attorneys money can buy and has decided to fight back in court.

It is in incidents like these that major corporations tend to  “misplace” physical evidence that can be used against them. However Doctor Dao has decided to take action before any “misplacing” of potential evidence occurs within United Airlines.

Dao filed an emergency “bill of discovery” against the carrier in Illinois State Court insisting that all evidence documenting the “re-accommodation” incident  be “preserved and protected” at all cost.

That includes all sorts of surveillance footage within the plane or from exterior United Airlines cameras in proximity of the plane. It also includes cockpit voice recordings, passenger and crew lists, incident reports and other forms of documentation of the incident. Dao has not yet been able to access any of it and feels it is a form of prejudice displayed by United.

If you haven’t watched the video yet here it is!

The 69-year-old doctor was one of four individuals who was “randomly” selected to get off the oversold plane before take off, in order to make room for United flight crew members who needed to get to an assignment.

When Dao refused to get off the plane, the United Airlines staff called in Chicago Aviation police officers to physically escort him out of the plane. After a brief dialogue between the two officers decided they had heard enough and began to pull him from his seat.  In the footage filmed by passengers, Doctor Dao is heard screaming in agony as the officer drags him down the aisle of the plane. The video shot by another passenger has gone viral and has turned into a nightmare for United Airlines.

Recent reports show their stocks dropping tremendously in the past few days. Just today they were going  between 250 and 500 million in terms of decreased value of the company.  If that weren’t enough United has become a living meme to people all over the internet mocking their unjustified behavior by creating “new mottos” for the Airline.

It is very clear that they will not be allowed to get off the hook so easily.

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